Welcome to the Jazz Hands!

Welcome to the Jazz Hands! For more information about the team or about Blaseball, feel free to click through the navigation links at the top of the page. Keep scrolling on this page to find recent news about Blaseball and the Jazz Hands.

Blaseball News

  • A Blaseball Hall of Fame is currently being run by fans from SIBR, be sure to check it out in the #stats channel or on SIBRcord!

  • Regular Blaseball will return Summer 2022. See you then 👐!

  • Changes to the backend due to Short Circuits has caused some SIBR tools to stop working. These projects are volunteer-run, so please be patient with their various creators as they get the tools up and running.

Jazz Hands News

  • We're all caught up on lorejams! Check #the-groove on the Blaseball discord for current jam summaries.

About The Jazz Hands

  • Jazz Hands fans (that's us!) are called the Jazz Hands' Band.

  • Our mascot is the Slide-Trombone Bolter - or just the Bolter

  • Our stadium is called The Pocket, and it was built out of the Breckenridge Community Theater. On the Blaseball website, our stadium is also known as the Breckenridge Community Field.

About The Discord

Don't know where to go on the Blaseball maincord? Here's a guide to our channels:#👐showtime: For real-time gameplay discussion. During Siesta, this channel is where we Tower.#👐jazzhands: Your team's general lounge, very chill.#👐the-groove: Lore/Character Development as well as Creative Works.#👐no-visitors-backstage: Team strategy, primarily for elections. During Siesta, we post pet pictures here.#👐the-call-board: Fan-led team announcements.

XVI The Tower

Our tarot card, given to us during the Season 11 elections. It means sudden, unexpected change, upheaval, ambitions built on shaky foundations, a revelation in the chaos. It has also become a key part of our team culture. The Tower Always Looms. When the Tower falls, we build it up again. When bad things happen to our team, well, That's Jazz Baby! We'll come back from it, no matter what.

A Few More Things

  • Our Team Reps are called Stage Hands. Our formerly-active shadows? Also called Stage Hands.

  • We're rivals with the Canada Moist Talkers, but there was a long period of time where our teams didn't play against each other. It's a super chill rivalry though.

  • We're married to the Atlantis Georgias! A funny bit about being gift buddies turned into a public event. We will not explain the legality (or the plastic).

  • We get hit by tragedy and setbacks every few seasons, but That's Jazz Baby!

  • We're generally very chill here, with a side of feral theatre kid and band kid energy at times.

Jazz Hands TEam Resources

@blaseball_jazz - Team Twitter
@jazzhandsband - Another Team Twitter
Blaseball Resources - Links to a spreadsheet with resources pertaining to the Jazz Hands as well as information on and tools for Blaseball overall, such as stat viewers and performance compendiums.
Pin Archive - Links to current and past pinned messages on maincord
Tag System Explainer - An explainer on how to use the tagging system we use on maincord