Welcome to the Jazz Hands!

Welcome to the Jazz Hands! For more information about the team or about Blaseball, feel free to click through the navigation links at the top of the page. Keep scrolling on this page to find recent news about Blaseball and the Jazz Hands.

Blaseball News

  • The Expansion Era has ended, with the 24 ILB teams Returning during the upcoming Blaseball Gamma.

  • The Game Band is working on the game during the current Siesta, so if anything looks weird on the blaseball website, don't worry!

Jazz Hands News

  • We're all caught up on lorejams! Check #the-groove on the Blaseball discord for current jam summaries.

  • This Carrd is new!

About The Jazz Hands

  • Jazz Hands fans (that's us!) are called the Jazz Hands' Band.

  • Our mascot is the Slide-Trombone Bolter - or just the Bolter

  • Our stadium is called The Pocket, and it was built out of the Breckenridge Community Theater. On the Blaseball website, our stadium is also known as the Breckenridge Community Field.

About The Discord

Don't know where to go on the Blaseball maincord? Here's a guide to our channels:

#showtime: For real-time gameplay discussion. During Siesta, this channel is where we Tower.

#jazzhands: Your team's general lounge, very chill.

#the-groove: Lore/Character Development as well as Creative Works.

#no-visitors-backstage: Team strategy, primarily for elections.

XVI The Tower

Our tarot card, given to us during the Season 11 elections. It means sudden, unexpected change, upheaval, ambitions built on shaky foundations, a revelation in the chaos. It has also become a key part of our team culture. The Tower Always Looms. When the Tower falls, we build it up again. When bad things happen to our team, well, That's Jazz Baby! We'll come back from it, no matter what.

A Few More Things

  • Our Team Reps are called Stage Hands. Our formerly-active shadows? Also called Stage Hands.

  • We're rivals with the Canada Moist Talkers, but there was a long period of time where our teams didn't play against each other. It's a super chill rivalry though.

  • We're married to the Atlantis Georgias! A funny bit about being gift buddies turned into a public event. We will not explain the legality (or the plastic).

  • We get hit by tragedy and setbacks every few seasons, but That's Jazz Baby!

  • We're generally very chill here, with a side of feral theatre kid and band kid energy at times.

Jazz Hands TEam Resources

@blaseball_jazz - Team Twitter
@jazzhandsband - Another Team Twitter
Pin Archive - Links to current and past pinned messages on maincord
Tag System Explainer - An explainer on how to use the tagging system we use on maincord

Blaseball Resources

Official Blaseball and Blaseball-Affiliated Links

Blaseball - The Blaseball website
@blaseball - The official Blaseball twitter account, and the voice of Parker MacMillan IIIII
@thegameband - The official twitter of The Game Band, developers of Blaseball
Official Blaseball Discord - The Official Discord of Blaseball, run by The Game Band
Official Blaseball Twitch Channel - The Official Twitch Channel
Blaseball Cares - The only place for officially-affiliated fan-made Blaseball merchandise. Profits go to charity!

Catch-up on Blaseball

So You Did A Necromance (SYDAN) - The Twitter of SYDAN, an in-depth series of recaps of what happens in Blaseball, split by season.
The Blaseball Roundup - Video recaps by The Game Band, starring The Anchor (played by Quinns of People Make Games)

Fun Stuff

Some fun things to play around with:

Before - Watch old games as they would have looked live
Insplect - Mockup team and player pages
Blessing Builder - Make mockup blessings and decrees
Feedeck - Make custom feeds of different game events (such as feedbacks, times a Smithy activated, or times a specific player was buffed, and many more!)
Blaseball Reference - It's like Baseball Reference, but for Blaseball! Keeps track of player performance

General Forbidden Knowledge

@SIBROfficial - The twitter of the Society for Internet Blaseball Research, SIBR
SIBR Official Website - SIBR's website
Which Tool - Find any tool made or hosted by SIBR
Reblase - Look up past game results and future schedules
Jazz Hands Resources Document - A more detailed list of various trackers and more in-depth stat squeezers and analysis tools.

Stat and Contribution Trackers

BlaseballPlayers Stat Viewer - View the underlying stats of Blaseball players
Chartographer - Look at stats and items across the league
Hloroscopes - Player stat histories
Enbyss' Library Tracker - See what Library items have been recently revealed, and which ones haven't been revealed yet

Jazz Hands Lore Links

Blaseball Wiki

Here are some pages on the Blaseball Wiki pertaining to the Jazz Hands:

Breckenridge Jazz Hands - Our team!
The Pocket - All about our stadium.
The Pit - All about the eldritch pit underneath our stadium.
The Bolter - Our mascot! Doot.
Fan Culture - Jazz Hands fan culture, such as chants!
Fan Works - Different kinds of Jazz Hands fan works, such as music, logos, collaborative playlists, and more!

Lore Resources

Here are some resources concerning our team and player lore:

Jamboards - Google Jamboards for our stadium, the Pit, and our players.
Lore To-Do and Suggestion Sheet - List of Lore/Wiki tasks that we want to work on. Includes a suggestion sheet and lorejam schedule page.
Lore Primer - An in-progress primer on our current and former players.
Player Pronouns - Commonly agreed upon pronouns for our current and former players. While commonly agreed upon, these are not the rule.